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Fairy Homes

Fairy Homes

FAIRY HOMES (Tiny Homes) is one of the brands of RAVYAS, which has the vision to create a home similar to Fairy stories and give the experience of a different world.

The average size of our Fairy (tiny) homes has increased in the last 10 years, though families have become smaller. Not only our houses have become bigger, but the number of material possessions we gather is also increasingly under the influence of commerce. You should have a luxury automobile, a walk-in closet full of exclusive clothing, and the latest gadgets, otherwise, you don’t fit in. We are in the middle of a turning point. People are starting to realize that all this excess space and stuff are not making us any happier and many got into financial trouble, trying to achieve that standard of living. The Fairy House movement offers an answer to the desire to live a more simple life and to live in a way that doesn’t impact the Earth as much

Why Fairy Homes !

We believe that Fairy Homes can give people the freedom both in time and money, to live authentically and with purpose. Sometimes you have to think Tiny to live big like fairies. We want to take the Tiny dreams in your head and make them a reality.

You can take your home with you when you move.

The amount of water, electricity, and gas that is used in a Tiny House is much lower than in a regular House.

Craftsmanship, an eye for detail, much care and attention are all put into the design.

Cleaning and maintenance of your house doesn’t take much time.